Case Studies

Bite Beauty

Technext was hired by the BITE Beauty team to guide them through a SEO Strategy and ensure all Keywords are fully optimized and ideal for conversion.

Since the site has been worked with their new SEO strategy almost a year ago, Technext has seen a 10x growth in top three ranking keywords – with highly competitive terms such as ‘lipsticks’ (monthly search volume: ~60,000) in the top five, directly below large retailers such as ULTA Beauty and Sephora.

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

SEO Campaign

Fenty Beauty is a Fashion Based makeup company. Technext Solutions was hired to increase SEO presence and Domain Authority of their branded search traffic in the face of powerful beauty sites like Sephora and ULTA Beauty selling their products.

Within the duration of 16 months, Technext has grown the Fenty top three keywords by 12 to 60%.

With large amounts of authoritive site optimizations, we continue to solidify branded keywords in the #1 position while layering on strategic non-branded terms.

Burrow & Associates

SEO Campaign

Technext was brought on board by the Burrow & Associates team in the year 2017 in order to grow localized ranking for their particular local Keywords.

After determining their goals, we decided that a new website strategy was eminent. They needed a sound local optimization that showcased their size, Legal atlanta, burrow, lawyer kennesaw and most importantly, the ability to contact direct from the website result in good click through rate

iTouch Wearables

SEO Campaign

iTouch Wearables is an e-commerce company dedicated to selling affordable smartwatches online. With the entrance of big players into the keyword landscape (Flipkart, Alibaba, Amazon, Target, etc), they engaged Technext to grow their organic non-branded and branded keyword profile as well as guide them with the quality conversion keywords.

In 120 days, the Technext team grew their top three keyword profile by 96%.

More exciting performance is expected to come with the enterprise work done by our Team.

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